The Developer


Development & Construction
The name continental has long been associated with premier residential real estate with prime locations with Architectural marvel designs, a knowledgeable builder with a wide range of experience and a firm commitment to quality. Our construction division encompasses all types of construction techniques from frame, concrete, podium, condominium complexes to concrete towers. We plan our development projects to meet realistic market demands and anticipated market changes.


John M. Lupypciw, President



For over a quarter of a century, one developer has revolutionized the concept of adoptive re-use. Creating new luxury condominium homes which offer value and sophisticated lifestyles. We enable individuals to experience the pride of ownership and reap the rewards of it’s financial advantages. The Continental Group is a developer renowned for it’s numerous premier properties from Canada to the United States. Since the company’s inception in 1979, we have encompassed more than 30complete projects in excess of 5000 residential units sold, owned, and/or managed. This has given us the financial strength that permits us to keep moving forward. Building the future means maximizing value while minimizing risks. It means taking a balanced approach to business by developing or acquiring multi-family residential communities and companies of unique and lasting value in the finest geographically located neighborhoods. It means delivering exceptional value to our clients while controlling costs, investing in opportunities that represent superior returns and growing profits.