Mission Statement

To continue to diversify our operations geographically through the purchase and resale of well selected International Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Opportunities.
The Continental Properties Group is primarily focused on premium quality Class A Multi-family properties for long term investment. Management believes that over the long term, this market segment will command premium rents, benefit from the highest demand from prospective tenants, and therefore provide a stable and predictable cash flow. Management further believes that the quality of The Continental Properties Group cash flow will be significantly enhanced if the portfolio is geographically diverse- and in well located communities. Over the long term this diversity, together with the traditional “location” axiom attributed to real estate, will reduce the inherent economic risk associated with a single geographic focus.

Our Corporate Team is a powerful distribution system with a single objective- selling premium quality individually titled condominium units to both individual investors and owner occupants. These units are in projects that are identified, carefully researched, and acquired in accordance with the firm’s overall policies and objectives.

The Continental Properties Group are experts at uncovering emerging real estate trends and creating properties that offer the highest level of style and innovation to set the standard in today’s real estate market.
Our Team of Real Estate Professionals are highly skilled and experienced; having developed, constructed, acquired, and managed real estate projects in both the United States and Canada.
During the last decade, the Continental Properties Group, together with it’s associates, acquired, developed, or rehabilitated over 30 Multi-family and other projects, totaling more than 5000 units in North America.
The Continental Properties Group’s investment strategy is to acquire undervalued real estate assets in superior locations, which, together with a dynamic and buoyant real estate market, allows for appreciation in the near term.
The Continental Properties Group specializes in condominium conversions in these markets, which allows a quick and controlled exit strategy. The foundation we’ve built, the relationships we’ve established, the results we’ve achieved, and the vision that drives us forward are all part of an unfolding success, unlocking continuous opportunity.