Corporate Profile


The Continental Properties Group is a Fully Integrated,
Multi-family Residential Real Estate Company.

The corporation’s principal business activities are carried out through three divisions:
• Revenue Property Division
• Condominium Conversion Division
• Acquisitions Division
The Revenue Property Division acquires and holds premium- quality multi-family residential properties for long-term investment and/or eventual conversion to condominiums.
The Condominium Conversion Division acquires and converts existing premium multi-family projects to condos and sells the entire project or individually tilted units to both investors and owner occupants.
The Acquisitions Division is constantly seeking premier properties that will be added to the Continental Properties Group portfolio of Multi-family projects long term profit for our clients.


Three Year Growth Plan Revenue Property Division
• To acquire premier communities in superior locations.
• To acquire 1000 Multi-family units in 2011 with additional
  acquisitions in future years.
• To acquire Land Parcels for Future Construction.


Condominium Conversion Division
Exceptional value while controlling costs, enhance performance in projects for maximum cash flow.

Our Financial Strengths Well Capitalized
• Revenue properly loan-to-book value at 70%
• Strong capital base will underpin three year growth plan.


High Returns on a Low Capital Base
Condominium Conversion activities have historically provided in excess of 140% return on capital employed.